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I received a collection notice and when I called to nquire about this debt. The representative Mr.

Berry or Barry basically told me why was I grumbling about receiving a collection notice. I then told him that I had no problem paying the bill but would like an itemized statement. Simply because the government had already told me that my bill was 612.00 and OSI was trying to collect 896.34. That was the original balance from 2005.

The government already took 432.00 which was my tax return. I had spoken with a rep from Army Airforce Exchange and the rep told me that by the time I receive my taxes in 2008 my balance would be 612.00. As it turns out OSI is telling me that this will be reported as unpaid to the credit bureaus and it will be a negative mark on my credit report. The representatives are very munprofessional.

When I asked to speak with a manager he told me, "No" because what would that solve. He then told me that I was wasting his time and he was disconnecting my call and I told him I would only keep calling.

he then hung up on me.

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For some reason i paid my x husbands bounced check mind you he wrote after i divorced hem i had it taken out of 2 years tax returns and i called osi and they told me it was in their office. I said i have already paid this and they said no you haven't .

OMG your not the only one feeling the pain Their crooks .. straight out.

I evan had reciepts and the IRS paper showing it . So i am gonna take a step higher now.

Buftea, Ilfov, Romania #26249

I hate OSI. I have paid almost $10,000.00 to them for a card that I only had a $5000.00 limit.

They refuse to give me statements of my payments and charge over hundreds of dollars in collection fees and interest each month.

I have been making monthly payments, and have had my income tax taken from OSI. Yet my debt never goes down, only up. I called 8-04-08 to lower my monthly payment. I was tod by David a OSI operator that I have to pay what I agreed to.

I stated to him that I never agreed to anything, I pay what I can. David said that my payment won't be accepted. I said than fine don't accept it but thats what I am going to pay. David than stated he would have my payment history erased and I would have to start all over.

I explained to David that I keep all my receipts and bank statements to prove that I am making payments. And I asked him if he was threating me. David said no, but he will erase my payment history and I will have to start all over. I explained that I have paid enough as it is, and that the way he treats me is unprofessionial.

He than threatened me again and hung up on me.

I have called numerous times asking for the receipt that shows a $ 600.00 payment. I am told over and over again that it was never received.

OSI is unprofessionial, and very rude. I wish the FTC could see this

Greenwood Coxwell, Ontario, Canada #26042

I paid my AAfes bill in full and they claim they did not get the money from the loan company that paid it for me. They now have sent me a bill including interest for 3,000.00 dollars I asked for an itemized statement with signitures of who charged all that merchandise and never got a response.

thats not all though they have now garnished my retirement check, social security check and grabed my stimulis check.

I HAVE CALLED THE Treasury department, they will not help me I called to speak to the commanding officer of aafes and got connected to collections. I have written letters and disputed this bill and provided legal documentation that this bill was paid in full years ago. The letters went to the enlisted service Army Rep and to the commanding officer.

No one has enough respect for the veteran to answer back. There are laws for all other types of collection practices where are the laws protecting the vet from Aafes stealing from the veteran??

Saint Paul, Virginia, United States #25390

They call me everyday at work, even though I've got a payment plan setup with another company. I even gave them the other company's number so that they may confirm. I've given it to them three times and still continually call me at work and at home, day and night, and are extremely rude, harassing and make threats and degrading comments.

Lakewood, Washington, United States #10998

I Have A Outstanding Debt From AAFES and Now reading this i wonder if their actually doin anything. i know they take it out direct every month and i do get a reciept showing my balance evry month.

they did tack on 1500 to the bill and told me that if i didnt give them a account to draw $$ from they would garnish my check and press charges. i hope im not paying for nothing

Tooele, Utah, United States #10236

I had the same thing w/ mike and dawn, i got a call from a Bill Stockton, he didn't i.d. himself or anything.

I was dumb enough to fall for his cold calling and gave him information willingly. He called me several times, when i gave him a false check to pay for this "debt" (which wasn't even possible) to buy time. After few more attempts to "fix" the falty check, i asked him why i owed the debt to see if his story is consistient, it turns out he gave me a different story and amount owed. I confronted him about it and he got angry and said he would take it to the next level.

I reported to the credit bureaus to inform me if anything is opened in my name.

This is a total scam and if you're a g.i. in any military service who's served in iraq, dont believe anything they say because THEY DONT HAVE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THEIR CLAIMS!!!!

Allen, Texas, United States #9227

Just had the SAME exact thing happen today with OSI and AAFES. I received a notice and called to find that they had added over 1400.00 in "fees and penalties" to the bill. This bill was already on a payment plan and current.

Miserable rep.

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